Knock Knock.. It's democracy!

I finally watched Knock Down The House (2019) - an excellent documentary that follows four incredible women, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and I can highly recommend it if you havent seen it yet.

It gave me a sense of hope that politics doesn’t have to be the cesspool that it is now, and there is indeed hope for democracy in America. My hope of course also is that it encourages folks in other countries as well to take on the increasingly difficult challenge of not being a scumbag in politics.

It is Election Day and although I don’t live in America anymore, I am redirecting the hope I got from Knock Down The House into today. Long live democracy! It may not be perfect but it’s the best we have so far.


#adayinthelife - a rare sunny autumn day in the north of the Netherlands, perfect for a walk around town.

📍Groningen, The Netherlands 📷 Huawei P20 Pro (B&W Leica lens) ⏰ 1:30pm local time

For the microblog photography challenge, I’m going to go for a walk around my lovely city tomorrow afternoon (luckily I have a half-day at work) and take a few pictures using my old phone which has a gorgeous B&W Leica lens. I don’t do much post on my photos but might try!

Wine and Emily In Paris.

What can I say, this might be my favorite way to spend a rainy winter Dutch afternoon.

Grindelwald, Switzerland - August 2018 (35mm film)

I snagged this special edition of Madvillainy a while ago! It is one of my favorite hip-hop albums with exceptional sampling and rapping.

There is a great joy in owning music that is tangible. Also, the large size of the artwork naturally lends itself to exhibiting.

What happened? 🎵

OK so I just listened to the Billboard Top 100 and get ready for some “Old man yells at sky” content.

So this is how I’d break down the Top 100: ~ 10 country songs ~ 10 pop songs ~ 80 trap songs

So… Can we talk about how rock music is dead? Well not really. There are probably more rock bands than ever today.

I was always oblivious to the Billboard Top 100 for the most part. I’d probably know and listen to maybe 10 of them or so.

But what’s up with not a single rock, funk, electronic, punk, jazz etc song on the list?

It always fascinates me which horses the music executives in their ivory towers choose to back. Surely it has to be a reflection of what people listen to a lot. But also people listen to the stuff they choose to pump millions of promotion dollars into. It’s a vicious circle.

Seeing how toxic popular discourse is, maybe it’s a good thing that most of my favorite artists are relatively small, and us fans enjoy small and dedicated listening communities.

Is there a way back for rock music? It dominated airwaves and charts for decades but it’s nowhere to be seen now. What music will prevail in the next 15 years? More trap country music?

Emma Escapism 📚

So I started reading Emma by Jane Austen. I wanted watch the 2020 adaptation with Anya-Taylor Joy, and it was a great excuse to give the book a read.

Well, I guess I’m technically LISTENING to the book. Turns out I had received the Emma audiobook on Audible, with Emma Thompson narrating!

Is this just a case of me trying desperately to escape the reality of my current world and submerging myself in alternative realities? Yes, why do you ask?

I am not the biggest reader of Victorian fiction but I am quite enjoying Emma so far.

Oh to be a young, rich and beautiful lady who meddles in her friends’ affairs in posh 1800s England.

Football and Baby carrots ⚽️🥕

⚽️ Chelsea v Liverpool

I support neither, but should be fun!

I have with me baby carrots 🥕 and hummus . Down with a slight cold, so my social engagements for today are canceled.

Tangentially, a friend of mine only recently discovered baby carrots were not a different species of carrot. It felt incredibly harsh to ruin this rather adorable misunderstanding, but it had to be done.

Read more about the fascinating world of baby carrots over at the Carrot Museum!

Sk8 Don't H8 🎮🕹️

Having an absolute blast playing 🎮 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remake.

Its a really fantastic remake of the originals - which I haven’t played. Although I did play THPS4 quite a lot on my Playstation 1 - and hence was treated to boundless nostalgia from my childhood. 20+ year old muscle memories started returning to me as I found my thumbs twiddling at speeds I didn’t know they could.

I just love the dopamine hit when I finish all the objectives for a level. It is easy enough to get started with a high-enough ceiling for you to become an expert. I am probably never going to be doing billion-point combos, but I find ways to have fun!

I would even recommend this game for players unfamiliar with the franchise because - hear me out - it’s an actual game. It’s not just an “experience” - which most modern games tend to be. They dazzle you with extremely polished graphics and convoluted stories - but THPS1+2 Remake is as pure of a game as you can get.

Hello world!

Thanks to @rorysaur for showing me - I love it here so far.

The 10-day free trial is a nice touch because iit gives me enough time to figure out whether I am serious about writing here and maintaining this space.