Sk8 Don't H8 🎮🕹️

Having an absolute blast playing 🎮 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remake.

Its a really fantastic remake of the originals - which I haven’t played. Although I did play THPS4 quite a lot on my Playstation 1 - and hence was treated to boundless nostalgia from my childhood. 20+ year old muscle memories started returning to me as I found my thumbs twiddling at speeds I didn’t know they could.

I just love the dopamine hit when I finish all the objectives for a level. It is easy enough to get started with a high-enough ceiling for you to become an expert. I am probably never going to be doing billion-point combos, but I find ways to have fun!

I would even recommend this game for players unfamiliar with the franchise because - hear me out - it’s an actual game. It’s not just an “experience” - which most modern games tend to be. They dazzle you with extremely polished graphics and convoluted stories - but THPS1+2 Remake is as pure of a game as you can get.