What happened? 🎵

OK so I just listened to the Billboard Top 100 and get ready for some “Old man yells at sky” content.

So this is how I’d break down the Top 100: ~ 10 country songs ~ 10 pop songs ~ 80 trap songs

So… Can we talk about how rock music is dead? Well not really. There are probably more rock bands than ever today.

I was always oblivious to the Billboard Top 100 for the most part. I’d probably know and listen to maybe 10 of them or so.

But what’s up with not a single rock, funk, electronic, punk, jazz etc song on the list?

It always fascinates me which horses the music executives in their ivory towers choose to back. Surely it has to be a reflection of what people listen to a lot. But also people listen to the stuff they choose to pump millions of promotion dollars into. It’s a vicious circle.

Seeing how toxic popular discourse is, maybe it’s a good thing that most of my favorite artists are relatively small, and us fans enjoy small and dedicated listening communities.

Is there a way back for rock music? It dominated airwaves and charts for decades but it’s nowhere to be seen now. What music will prevail in the next 15 years? More trap country music?